Slope and y intercept of x=-2y+4?

Answers:    slope of x = -2y + 4

2y = -x + 4
y = -x/2 +2
slope, m, equal to -1/2

y intercept,

when x = 0,
x = 2
in a run of the mill one: it is y = mx + b
in this a short time ago switch the y and x to its normal positions:
x = -2y + 4
x + 2y = 4
2y = -x + 4
y = -1/2 x + 4/2
y = -1/ 2 x + 2

so m or slope is -1/2 while y intercept (when x = 0) is lately 2
Translate into this form: y=mx+b
divide by -2 both sides

Y intercept is -2
Slope is 1/2 (or the m in the equation)
Id jus bequeath you the answer BUT I want you to know this if you ever have a theory test on this material and trust me you will.

So you wanna take y by itself.

You add -2y from both sides which will give notice you with::
Next, you subtract the x from both sides so::
2y= -x +4
After you divide respectively side by two cause you wanna isolate the y.(Treat -x as -1)
:: y= -1/2x + 2

The slope is whatevers surrounded by front of x so in this covering::

SLOPE= -1/2

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