what is the significance of geometry contained by the construction industry?


Well, you've been studying geometry, haven't you? You know, adjectives those angles, triangles, linear pairs, etc.?

Geometry is the form of mathematics used to figure and manipulate such numerical figures. If you be to construct a building, you wouldn't want trapezoids for doors, would you? (How hard it would be to hike through such an entrance.) Also, it'd be impractical to own your building collapse because you didn't level the first floor parallel to the ground.

Thus, you obligation geometry to solve these problems. It's nothing more than math; math that can give support to you build and use a safely-designed building.

I don't know, maybe I'm a short time ago biased. I love math. ^___^
does the word 'EVERYTHING' ring any bells for ya ? All buildings require geometry and angles to be built. It is an exact science to ensure the building is sound and weather the roof will stay on etc.. One millionth of a level off and a total structure could come down

Geometry is impressively important surrounded by constructyion. It allows builders to verify a structure is "square", allows for the most efficient use of materials surrounded by the building of trusses and joists by using "strong" angles. The catalogue goes on.

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