Romeo and Juliet Pros and Cons?

Question:ok im doing this project and i really need some help

i need a list of 9 pros and 10 cons

its for a board game i am doing.

please help me

romeo and Juliet found love
family values
the families resolved their differences at the end
the prince was just and fair (just wanted peace)
they were buried together as husband and wife
they got married

romeo killed his cousin-in-law
romeo was banished
romeo and Juliet died
Juliet lost her cousin because her husband killed him

I know you need more but I cannot think of more hope this helps. It has been years since I read the play.
please show more detail-do you mean pros and cons of teh story being written, or of their fate, or what>
if it is there ending, the montagues and capulets were brough together, and they were together in the end. they died happy

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