What is the slope y=6x-2?


Your equation is in the form of y = mx + b, where on earth m = the slope and b = the y intercept. Thus, your answer is 6.
4 !!! i think 6 is the ans


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the slope is 6.

(y=mx-b) The answer is 6, the slope is the number that you multiply "X" the -2 is the intercept


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because it say how much X changes surrounded by relation to Y Slope, = tan-1 (6)

y = mx + c

mx = gradient/ slope
c = y-intercept

so the slope is 6. Also can be 6/1 if you own to plot a graph The slope is 6.

The standard equation for a line is: y=mx+b, where on earth "y" is a function of "x", "m" is the slope or gradient, and "b" is the y-intercept (where the stripe crosses - if it crosses - the y-axis).

Thus, when you want to find the slope of a line:
1) Convert the equation into slope-intercept form (y=mx+b) if it is not already contained by that form.
2) In accordance with #1, "y" must be positive.
3) The number "m" specifically next to "x" (in other words, the number specifically multiplied by "x") is the slope. It can be positive or negative, a undamaged number or a fraction (but rarely a decimal). When nearby is no number next to "x", the slope of the stripe is 1. When there is a cynical sign next to the "x" (-x), the slope of the string is negative 1.

I hope that help! y = mx + b

m is the slope
b is the y-intercept

y = 6x - 2

6 is the slope
-2 is the y-intercept

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