In an essay, what does it mean to double-space?

Question:I mean, does it mean to put two spaces inbetween your words, or what?

Double space is a feature where there is a space between lines



a whole space


your lines.

It's under the Format menu (Paragraphs) in your Microsoft Word program. Line spacing pull-down menu shows Single as the default... then you have 1.5 and Double.
To double space your essay means that you have extra space between the lines of the paper. You need to set your computer to do it for you.
when you have your document open
1. right click anywhere in the document
2. click on paragraph
3. spacing: choose double space

Good look on your essay!
"Double Space" refers to the space between the LINES of text on a page.

If you want to double space an essay in MS Word, take the following steps:

Select the text

On the Menu Bar, click "Format"

You will see a drop down menu that will give you several options. Choose "Paragraph."

In the "Paragraph" box you will see an option called "line Spacing.

Click on the arrow underneath Line Spacing.

Choose "Double."

Click "OK"

Your document should now be double spaced!

Good Luck :)
double spacing is a formatting technique. It places a line of space between each sentence. This is the common formatting spacing for an essay paper... GOOD LUCK!

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