Summary-Cabuliwallah By RabindraNath Tagore?

Bemen Gupta is the second Indian director to bring Rabindranath Tagore's tale about a man and his struggles in a foreign land, to the silver screen. The stranger is from Afghanistan, and when he sets out for India to make enough money to save his farm, he is heartbroken at leaving his little daughter behind. Once in India, the people in the neighborhood where he settles nickname him the "Kabuliwala" -- the "wala" or vendor from Kabul (Afghanistan's capital). He finds an emotional stand-in for his daughter in the daughter of a famous poet, and while constantly remembering his own offspring, he showers attention on the "adopted" little girl. Then one day a corrupt landlord drives him to commit murder -- and his future with his own daughter and the surrogate daughter suddenly takes a downward turn as he goes off to prison for ten years. Not maudlin or mawkish, this drama by Gupta occasionally still strays toward that emotional end of the spectrum.

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It is actually spelled as Kabuliwallah,which means the man from Kabul.He comes to Calcutta in the month of Magh to sell dry fruits from Kabul and earn a profit .He goes back to Kabul each year. He becomes fond of a girl named Mini,who is a true chatterbox.She reminds him of his own daughter in Kabul.He brings peanuts etc. for her everyday,to which her mother first opposes but finally gives up beacause of Mini's extreme attatchment to him.They develop a deep bond for one another.One day,he stabs someone who refused to return him the money he owed to him .He did so because he lost control of his temper...the man had been continually buying nuts from him and was now refusing to pay.The money had piled on and it was time for the Kabuliwallah to go home .He needed the money for his daugher .He is sentenced for ten years of imprisonment.He comes back to the street to find out that Mini is getting married.He expresses his desire to meet her which is fulfilled after some hesitation by her father for he doesnt want a murderer to step into the house.After seeing Mini ,he realizes that his own daughter must be fit for marriage by now.So,Mini's father contributes the money for electric lighting in Mini's marriage for the Kabulliwallah to go home to his daughter and get her married.Mini's father is about to part from his beloved daughter and can therefore,understand the Kabulliwallah's misery in being away from his daughter for so long.He knows that his wife would be upset on not seeing the lighting but he also knows that this is more impotant.

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