why did japan join with Germany in ww2?

Question:i need all of the info. that i can get! wanted technology and territory
becuase america was helping to support england and they wanted japan to help them keep us out of the war and elimate us as a threat US didn't wanna join the WW initially and had trade plans with Japan. I think it was sending them metal or something. During those times, that material is used for war purposes alot. US didn't like what they were doing and stop the trading with them. Thus they bomb Pearl Harbor and US joins the others against them. Thus Japan joined Germany. Japan didn't so join Germany, but attack America and by default it became an axis power. Japan was expanding it's territory and attacking US allied territories as well and us possessions in Asia. The Japanese impact and devastation in China is still being felt today. The overambitious attack on Pearl Harbor was a means of provoking the US in to the war (up until the attack the us was technically neutral but supporting the allied cause with material) The Germans were very Happy about the attack because they felt that the attack would wipe out the pacific fleet and force the us to concentrate its forces in the pacific front and not sent troops the the European theater. That was not the case the us successfully fought a two front war. Sadly the cost in troops in the pacific theater forced Truman to use the atomic bomb, in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. There is a debate as to where this was a fair tactic. In the end, I believe Truman's intentions were to save American lives and this was the fastest way to force the Japanese into surrendering. Hope that helps. i THINK it was b/c germany promise japan parts of china or all of it...not sure if this is true...i forget if i read it somewhere or heard it

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