At the Alamo, did Davy Crockett say, "The rest of you can go to hell, but I will go to Texas?"?

Question:If so, what did he mean? yes he did say that, but it wasnt at the alamo. the actual quote is:

Since you have chosen to elect a man with a timber toe to succeed me, you may all go to hell and I will go to Texas.

this was his final statement on his congressional defeat.

hope this helped =]] It seems that he didn't because he was already at Texas. This he must've said somewhere else. "remember the alamo" i love saying that YEAH EVERYWHERE ELSE IS LIKE HELL COMPARED TO TEXAS If Davey Crocket said that at all (much of what is recorded about him is apocryphal), he did NOT say it at the Alamo, because the Alamo is ALREADY IN TEXAS. This would have been something he said BEFORE he went to Texas.

I really don't think there is any deep meaning here. Yes he did in 1834 just before he joined the Texas Revolution. He couldn't have said it at the Alamo, because then he would have already been in Texas. I don't know the exact history, but I think he was in Tennesee when he said it, and Texas was about to be lost to General AnaStanza of Mexico, on account of AnaStanza. He, Daniel Boone, Bowie, others with Sam Houston all died defending the Alamo. They lost the Alamo, but the US Calvary took it back, and held it because AnaStanza was moved by the way Davy and the others fought, then he and his tired army went back to Mexico. I don't think so.

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