What advice did Washington give the nation in his farewell address?

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He gave two major pieces of advice in his farwell address...

1 - Not to split up into political parties - He felt this would cause a divide in the nation and that politics would no longer be about what people believed, but about what parties believed

2- Do not engage in alliances with nations during peace time as this will only drag us into their conflicts - Washington believed in isoliationism - After the French helped us in the Revolution he refused to send aid to the French during their revolutionary war stating that it wasn't our conflict to get involved with.
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Pres. Washington warned against foreign alliances and political parties, which was somewhat ironic because politically, although he officially never joined a party, his policies and way of thinking had a distinct Federalist tilt and he thouroughly rejected most of the ideas of the Jeffersonians. I think the emergence of political parties between the Federalists and the Republicans was already a foregone conclusion when he gave his farewell address

Also, about alliances, we fefused aid to France during the Revolution primarily because we made the alliance with France while Louis XVI was in power and now a completly different French government was asking us to come to their aid and this is why Washington refused to help France's fight vs. England and why he became wary of foreign alliances.
washington warned the country about foriegn allies and not to get in others business with conflicts. but i guess bush hasnt learned any thing from our fore fathers hope this helps

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