Technologically man is a giant, but morally man is a pygmy?


Yes, man is selfish. He will want after his own interests, even to the exclusion of others, even those he loves. Even worse, he is incapable of changing himself.

This is a foundational premise of Christianity (look up "total depravity") And I would say aloud that it is supported by all of history. Even rules we adjectives agree are valid (don't lie) we break ourselves. Often we even tend to justify breaking them.

But, Christianity is just about God coming to man's rescue. Man can be changed, but not through technology, or by any other means he possesses.
depends on the man/ woman you speak for yourself shorty

you give up one for the other

i suppose And what is your grill?

HEY! Pygmies are population too and should not be generalized into a category used for the sole purpose of an example of height.

Sheesh... where's your morality?You're approaching, so mean!

*giggles... Which man are you referring to as I know men who are importantly moral but cannot even programme their VCR!! You cannot label everyone near such a generalisation.

I get Aristotle... Fear is the dictating factor when exposing all of humanitys frailties and weakness'. And secondly morality and nouns are learned, they are not integral to the human genome. Remember that not that long ago we be killing mastodons w/sticks and stones. This is the explanation for the ongoing horrific examples of bombing that we witness everyday. We are hard wired for survival born of "fear".

man is a ball of pride, he cannot focus of anything else but how to go through adjectives lengths to complete things that are no use after a few days/years down the road. many industrial things that man has created within the past few decades have become obsolete... scientifically man has advanced at an alarming tread, so much so that there are incidents of holidaying contained by the moon, and jaunting off to different planets.
he have invented great forces and instruments f destruction, yet for adjectives that, crime has gone up to a illustrious degree. in that is no respect for life, neither of their own species, nor of other species. several innocent organisms and creatures have become victims of man's insensible cruelty. for one's own ends, man have killed millions.
thousands of creatures kill results in a mink coat-come on man, why deprive an animal that 24*7*12*365 days wear its coat to gratify some vacuous woman who will just put it on for 4-5 days a year??? Man is as much a giant morally as mechanically; just because we don't other follow our morality doesn't mean we don't know right from wrong.

depends on what you believe. Personally, I don't think we're any.


Not by nature, but by demonstration.

(It's also not that simple, you hold to account for how power structures, intellectual, political, religious filter down into the adjectives man's culture. If these structures are morally diminutive, then the culture a moment ago requires we mimic.) Man isn't as guilty as his external authorities make him out to be, but he accept THEIR karma as his own.

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