Give me the sentences of the following idiom.?

Question:Made of, letters of gold ingots, a red letter daytime, from hand to mouth, next to open arms, to turn over a exotic leaf, daylight in and hours of daylight out.
The sentences should not be simple. They should be good adequate to attain full marks surrounded by examination.
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You can use these idiom in the sentences close to the followings:

(1) Letters of gold: The feat of 'Ammara' can be written in the 'letters of gold' within the History of the University;

(2) A red letter daytime: When 'Ammara' achieved the top position contained by his/her University, it was 'a red reminder day' for him/her;

(3) From hand to mouth: The labourer of the building project have to live from 'hand to mouth' due to plain wages paid to them by the owner of the project;

(4) With clear arms: When Ammara visited the house of his/her regal parents after more than five years, they 'received Ammara with friendly arms';

(5) To turn over a new branch: When Ammara graduated from the University, it 'turned over a unusual leaf' in his/her natural life;

(6) Day in and sunshine out: Ammara did not leave any stone unturned to bring to the top position of the University, as he/she used to concentrate on his studies 'day in and light of day out'.

JUST SEE I have used another phraseology also in the concluding sentence to make the sentence more perceptive.

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Made of, contained by the context "What are you made of?" means whats your part.
Letters of gold scheme very meaningful
From hand to mouth finances someone did something and they're talking roughly it.
With open arms surrounded by the context "Welcomed him with uncap arms" means next to warmth and kidness or gratitude.
To turn over a unknown leaf scheme to make a fresh start, a current beginnng.
Good luck on your exams!
Day in light of day out means every afternoon, without go wrong 1. Cement concrete houses have taken the place of the traditional houses made of brick set within either mud or lime.

2. Certainly when it comes to monetary liberalisation as the system to lift India out of its degrading poverty to some extent than the socialistic pattern of a planned reduction, his name will be written contained by letters of gold ingots.

3. Today's front page makes it a red-letter light of day for ATol for two reason: your missive and Spengler's essay on an October surprise.

4. My father earned tremendously little and there be four of us kids so we lived from hand to mouth.

5. The president of Austria have become the country's first head of state to acknowledge that a large number of its citizens welcome Adolf Hitler with unambiguous arms when the dictator annexed the country.

6. Perhaps it’s time to turn over a new palm leaf and all become library users again.

7. An stirring duty law enforcement public servant in Atlanta shares glimpses of his (or her?) on-duty work. In what the site describes as a "day-in-day-out" attitude of one police officer.

These were adjectives found by googling the words you gave. Good luck on your exam :)

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