which book come first; the iliad or the odyssey?

Question:i want to read them but in decree.

your first answer is correct - iliad then Odyssey.

Did you know that near is a third book? The first two books are attributed to Homer. The third book is called the Aeniad and is attributed to the Roman poet, Virgil (or Vergil). The plot of the Aeniad revolves around the Trojan prince Aeneas who along next to a group of surviving Trojans, escapes the sack of Troy. These trojans take to the marine and eventually land surrounded by Italy and become the ancestors to what one day will be Rome. Aeneas is a part in the iliad (book XX). His mother is supposed to be the goddess Aphrodite (Venus to the romans) and he fight Achilles. Achilles wins the mle but the god Poseidon (Neptune to the romans) rescues Aeneas as "it is destined that he shall be the survivior". He is supposed to establish a royal house that will reign over the Trojans in the time to come. That is the reason that later poets and finally Virgil used within writing what became the Aenead.

Hope that tweaks your interest contained by reading the Aenead after you read the iliad and the Odyssey.

Note: I know the i in iliead should be capitalized but the font we use here within EduQnA is one where a income i look like a lower bag L. Therefore instead of looking like I misspelled iliead (Ilead), I chose to not capitalize the i.
Illiad afterwards the Odyssey. i think you can find the answer contained by wikipedia.org, just type surrounded by the names and somewhere contained by the articles will be a rough time frame

good luck ilad

Technically they weren't 'books' and the person (Homer) probably didn't exist any. The story of the Illiad takes place and sets up the story of the Odyssey (Odysseus could not hold embarked on the Odyssey minus going to Troy and fighting contained by the Trojan war).

These were choral stories told from older generation of Greek to younger to instill a code of ethics and guide nouns, more to just delight. It is uncertain when these be first copied down and who actually come up with them. Homer may enjoy been the first, he may enjoy been the later, he may have be the scribe or he might never have be real. contained by terms of the story, the Iliad come first.

in expressions of what was certainly written first?

these are very dated stories, first spread by word of mouth, and spread that way for MANY years. i doubt that we enjoy a way to know what be actually written down printed first. The Iliad, which is the story of the end of the Trojan War, come first. The Odyssey, which is the story of Odysseus' return home after the war, come second.

In reality is a trilogy Illiad, Odysey and Aeneid in that direct

Trojan Wars: The Story

The Story of the Trojan War contained by mythology is told through passages from Homer's Iliad and the works of other classic poets.

The period of war was paid against Troy by the Greeks and lasted for ten years. The period of war was cause by the abduction of Helen by Paris.

The war completed with the destruction of Troy.

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