Can you start a paragraph with the word "therefore"?

A sentence with THEREFORE must have a "question" and an "answer".

*I grew up in Spain, therefore I speak Spanish.
The question "Why/How do you speak Spanish"
The answer "I grew up in Spain".

*Therefore, based on my research, the proposal is a good one.
The question "How do you know the proposal is a good one?
The answer "Because of what I am basing off of my research.

Get it?

The sentence should always have an idea that needs explanation and something in the sentence, either right before or right after the "therefore" to explain it.
It's hard to think of an instance where it
would flow naturally.
What is the sentence you are writing?
You can, but it's generally not considered good form.
Yes, if it's part of the dialogue or in quotations. Otherwise, no.
I guess you could. "Therefore I stood frozen in time" is an example.

Therefore people in my family including my mother, father, sister and me.
Perhaps in the event of a "summing up" which follows a key paragraph that drove home the point you were trying to make.
Well, they say not to use words like "but" to start sentences. Of course, if you know the rules, you can break them.

Anyway, the answer is...

Yes, as long as you know what you're doing. Make sure it isn't the introductory paragraph, and that it continues the thought of the paragraph right before it. Putting "therefore" just to make the paper sound better isn't really going to help.

"Ergo" is also a good word. It means the same as "therefore". Have fun.

May God bless you.
One instance where it is appropriate to begin a paragraph with the word "therefore" is when you are concluding an essay or letter etc. In the document you've written, assume you have listed and discussed various topics. At the end, it is appropriate to arrive at a conclusion or a summary. To do so effectively, you want to direct the reader to your entire discussion.
Therefore, you would start that final portion with a paragraph beginning with "therefore." I, as an attorney, conclude most contracts or legal pleadings with a "therefore" paragraph. An example of that is: "Therefore, based upon the foregoing and intending to be mutually bound, the parties agree as follows:" Then I summarize the agreement.
No therefore is a transitionary word and connects something.


A conjunction is a word that connects phrases, words, or clauses. Conjunctions are often used as transitions.

There are two kinds of conjunctions:

COORDINATING: connects words, phrases, or clauses
and, but, or, for

Gallaudet teachers communicate in American Sign Language and English.
either... or; neither... nor; both... and; not only... but also
Most students use either ASL or English.
hence, therefore, moreover, however, besides, consequently
I like to read; however, I hate to write.
SUBORDINATING: introduces subordinate clauses and connects them with the main clause
who, which, that

People who live in glass houses don't like children to play catch in front of their houses.

although, because, since, though, if, as if
Although I work hard, I'm still broke
therefore is used to introduce a logical result of conclusion.
(synonyms: thus, ergo, hence, accordingly)

e.g. *muscle cells need lots of fuel AND THEREFORE burn lots of calories ...

*I , THEREFORE, recommend that you limit yourself to two drinks per day (us written)

* THEREFORE, when i plagged info from the manufacturers into the system, i had to put a 0 for nutrients they don't provide. (us written)

* dubneath was THEREFORE a mystery (brit written)

* THEREFORE, it stands to reason that people should practise doing this .... (brit written)

BUT in us spoken language, "therefore" is used quite often in the beginning

e.g. *And THEREFORE, are you proposing by implication that ...
*And so, THEREFORE, it's fine if the kids dont take the test
*THEREFORE, the processes that are involved are gonna require more
Therefor is consider a transitional word so if you started a sentence with it it makes the sentence dependent you can starts a sentence with it but not a paragraph unless it was a direct quote. You may need to link a sentence that uses therefore as the start you may need a semicolon are a coma and a conjunction.

but no you can't just randomly use therefor. I would recommend you start the paragraph another way, if it is your conclusion use, In conclusion

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