How to keep ourselves healthy?

Question:Hey, I hv to write an essay in between 750 - 1000 words on this topic.. Please help me....

Talk about nutrition, exercise, check-ups and mental health as well (freedom from stress), you may have a hard time keeping it under 1000 words
diet, exercise, skin care (no tanning booths), and stay away from people who cause emotional grief.
allways eat fresh water or food which you eat
Its not a hard question at all, diet and exercise. Less stress, google it...
Writer about nutrition, exercise, stress level, toxicity from anykind of chemicals, and that is, per-FUMES, cleaning chemicals, hygiene chemicals, ari-freshners chemicals, air chmicals, water chemicals, food chemicals, and OVERLOAD OF ESTROGEN IN FOODS, etc.
Good luck to you.
by not eating junk foods and trying to the level best by drinking fruit juices and doing exercise or yoga
hi, baby,
I can understand your problem.. I can also understand your lazyness and addiction to TV, computer, internet and yahooanswers.

You want me to work your home work , I gain Health, You just lazily rest and spoil your health.. charity begins at home.. I will not allow this to happen..

Listen I give you key words and you make up the essay of not only 750 words but 7500 words,

search in goodlge the Health body Healthy MInd , Health starts in Mind.
healthy mind makes healthy body,

Meditation improves mental health.

We are not two Mind and Body separate but body mind a unity.

the Heathy body ensure Healthy Mind

Health is not a an Individual responsibiotiy or indiavidaul affair but it is an community work too health man , healthy family, healthy society, healthy nation,

Health is not a one day task but a life long love affair with body and mind..

Hope you also strain your nerves and be healthy
always eat fruits and healthy stuff.or you could run laps to get healthy
You can keep urslf healthy by eating healthy food like pulses,wheat,etc. and by giving ug(or atleast reducing) junk food. The best way of getting or remaining healthy is morning walk and exersice. Walking on grass in d morning is very good for eyes. chips are harmful for teeth even more than chocolates.hav fruits inur breakfast.
Agree with KISHORI LAL...

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