Compare/Contrast Satan contained by Paradise Lost next to Beowulf and Macbeth?

I need assist making a comparison between Satan in Paradise Lost and Beowulf...and also Satan and Macbeth?

Any give support to would be greatly appreciated!

Answers:    Where is the evil in Macbeth and how did he plummet into the darkness? How did Satan plummet into hell? There's your comparison and contrast.

How is Satan presented in Lost? What happen to him?
What evil is prevelant in Beowulf and how is it discussed?

I won't do this for you. I will basically show you how to take transcription and arrive at your own answers.

EDIT: just answer the question above, and the comparisons and contrasts will come to you. Write some notes down within columns and you will see the differences.
I've read Beowulf and Macbeth, but not the other one. If I could help I would!

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