Anyone have any invention ideas for a 3rd grade class project?

When I was in 3rd grade we had to invent something. It could be anything we wanted to invent. I chose the easy route. You know how on hats (usually the old ones) they have a tiny hole on either side? Well to make what I'm about to tell you, you'll need that.

1 Hat (with hole on both sides)
1 long wooden shish kabob/bamboo stick
2 rolls of toilet paper

What to do:
Put the long stick through the holes of the hat so that the stick is sticking out on both sides. Apply one roll of toilet paper to both sides. And your done.

When you go to a sad movie and you cry alot take the hat. Put the hat on while your watching the movie and that way when you cry you don't have to keep on getting up for napkins/tissue because you can just reach up and pull down the tissue from the toilet paper.

It's a cheesy invention but its easy and its an easy A+.
endangered species
rube goldberg machines

draw or model an invention
come up with an ad campagn, commercial , or user manual/pamphlet
Maybe try one of these links:

Good Luck!
A compost stirring mechanism. It would be unique, and if it worked, might be marketable to today's new green conscious consumers.

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