The phrase "mid-day" is an example of? a.)assonance b.)consanace c.)alliteration d.)metaphor?


b. Consonance
Are you doing homework? It'd be easier to use something like and look up what the words have it in mind and then integer it out. They won't give you the wrong answer.

C) Alliteration Hmm. This is the second sound out involving consonance in the space of an hour. Is it exam time out near? Or is this a homework assignment?
Check the spelling CONSONANCE, not consanance. It means the repetition of matching or similar sounds. Assonance is the resemblance of two sounds between syllables. Alliteration is the same initial nouns in two words, occurring close together. (She sell sea shells by the deep-sea shore is a classic example of alliteration.)

Mid-day, by the way, isn't a phrase.

Do you know what a metaphor is? Can you riddle in the blank for that definition? You should do at lowest possible 25% of the work on this project!

Now which of these definitions fits the word mid-day. And why are you hyphenating it? My concise Oxford dictionary spells it as 'midday'. But I'll provide you the hyphen if that's the way your assignment read.

How about coming posterior on line and letting us know which alternative you have chosen?

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