An IQ of 136 means?

Question:I put little stock into IQ, but just out of curiosity, does anyone know what an IQ of 136 would indicate? Is that average? I went to look it up, but there is something wrong with my computer...I'm getting all kinds of errors. Thanks.

It means that you are smart enough to do math in your head and won't need a calculator for easy calculations!
No, average is around 100. 120 or higher is better (I think it's genius-level. Apparently, I have an IQ higher than 126 because online IQ tests are not completely accurate and results are always going to be a but higher. It means you learn quickly and easily than most people, not smarter (sorry, but it's true, my dad's a neurologist). You may be smarter, but your IQ doesn't really show that.
And you determined your IQ was 136 how, exactly? If you had it actually tested by a psychologist, then he would have told you that an IQ of 136 was two standard deviations out from the average of 100. Actually, average if the range of 85 to 115.

Sorry professor, but the average IQ includes the first standard deviation on both sides.
If you just got this from an internet test, it's not going to be accurate. 136 is above average though. I believe around 150-160 is considered genius level, and 110-120 is around average
First, let's make sure we post our questions only once, shall we?

Second, each of the preceding respondents got it wrong. By definition, an average IQ is exactly 100. Not "around" some number, not within a range of some numbers. No, exactly 100.

NOTE To ceprn: <<Sorry professor, but the average IQ includes the first standard deviation on both sides. >>

There are few absolutes in life. This is one of them: You are wrong. By definition, the average is 100. By definitiono and convention, a given person's score might be 100, give or take a standard deviation. But the average is still 100.
An IQ of 136 would be in the Genius Range... who does it belong too?
an IQ of 136 is above average. if the scales you are using is the standards I mean:

100 - average
110 - ....
120 - ....
try to check the scale that your program is using you just overlooked it or maybe the program you are using is corrupted. So that may be the reason that your score and the category your getting is wrong...

if you really want to discover your iq try classical iq test and super iq test on

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