Why are some people bad at Math yet fantastic at writing?

Question:I'm not good at math, when I was tested I had the level of a 5th grader in it as of last August, so people assume that i'm 'dumb' (I have ADD I don't think ADHD) but when told to write an essay teachers are sometimes fazed at how much I wrote and how much 'voice' and 'emotion' was in the paper.

I'm also told i'm ok at drawing but i've got horrible handwriting but up in my head is where my 'true writing hand' is.

on another note in 7th grade took a test that showed that only 2 kids out of 100 scored better then me on a reading/comprehension test. Reading comprehension to me is so much easier to get then math to me. I'm also an online author. (I have a story that I wrote submitted online)

some peoples brains work better with creative things, others with logical reasoning, i.e. math/science. I'm much better at writing than math, so much better.
I'm better at math than writing. I always have been and always will be. I was in the gifted math program in elementary school for years.
I love to write and I am good at it too. Same with math. I am good at both. I'm not bragging here okay? People are born with different abilities. You have abilities in other things and math just isnt one of them. My abilities are...Math, Writing/Literature, all reading stuff..I'm okay at science and social studies..but i dont really like them. I am good at soccer and am just athletic...those are some of my abilities..so dont stress. I'm not good at other things!

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