Can you facilitate me find a collection of children's dinosaur songs from going on for 15 years ago?

I'm in rummage of the origins of a set of dinosaur-related children's songs and who made the them/where I can find the tracks and lyrics.

I recall these lyrics:

"They lived a long, long, long, long, long, long time ago, opening back earlier us."

"Tyrannosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex! Sing it! He was the fiercest dinosaur, a be a sign of meat eating carnivore. No (something) could stand up subsequent to cruel tyrannosaurus rex!"

"Color me, I'm a dinosaur, I'm a dinosaur, won't you color me? If you were a dinosaur, what color would you be?"

"Saltopus, one of the first dinosaurs to live on Earth. He be smaller than most chickens, he was faster than the dickens. Saltopus, saltopus, he be small but he came first. Scurrying from bush to bush, surely must be saltopus."

"PTERANODON spells pteranadon! P, he be the pilot of the prehistoric skies. T, he looked terrific when he spread his wings to fly."

"If a brontosaurus come to lunch today..."

And so on. If anyone sheds light on this, I'll be so grateful!

Answers:    You might try these:
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