calculating hourly wages from every twelve months recompense rate of 35,000 a year?

To find the hourly rate of any yearly gross, divide the salary by 2,080.

A $35,000 year position is $16.83 per hour.
This is how ALL HR Departments determine salaries.
50 weeks, 40 hours a week. Divide 35000 by 50, thendivide that number by 40. A apt rough cocktail-napkin math trick is to divide the thousands by two. This is because there are roughly 2000 hours within a work-year.


divide by 2080. standard number of hours/per yr (assumes 40 horus / wk 52 weeks in a year)

Assuming this is a full time job (40 hours per week) you would subtract the hourly wage by dividing $35,000 by 2080. 2080 comes from 40 hours per week times 52 weeks per year.


Somewhere in the neighborhood of 16.00 per hour.

Take 35,000 and divide it by 52 and then divide that number by the number of hours surrounded by the work week. Example: 35,000/52 = 673.08.
637.08/40 hr work week = 16.83/hr. There are many ways to do this you can do this, however respectively one would just be a crude estimate. Because it would not allow for overtime but one track is to divide the 35000 by 12 that would give you your monthly pay. Take that divide it by 4 that would give you your weekly take-home pay then divide that answer by 40 because a typical work week is 40 hours then that would be your hourly wage.

(5 days per week * 52 weeks) - 10 days for Holidays(this varies) = 250 days * 8 hours per day = 2000 hours
=> 35000 dollars / 2000 hours = 17.5 dollars per hour

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