I got my GED scores and I was wondering if mine was considered a good score?

Question:I got a total score of 3100 out of 4000.

With individual scores of:

Language Arts/Reading: 800 ------- 99 %

Language Arts/Writing: 600 ------- 84%

Math: 500 ------------ 50% (I know, not great)

Science: 540 --------- 66% (not good either.)

Social Studies: 660 -----------95%

Were these scores okay, from a college standpoint? Was my score average, above average?

Using the estimated GED-to-GPA conversion at http://www.fastweb.com/cpt/help/faq/upda... , your overall score would be about the equivalent of a 3.5 high school GPA.

That's pretty good, but keep in mind that every college is going to interpret GED scores differently.

What's more important is your percentile rank. The percentile rank makes it possible to compare your performance on each one of the tests to with the performance of graduating high school seniors. For example, if your score on one of the tests has a percentile rank of 90 that means you have done as well as, or better than 90% of graduating seniors in that subject. (GED standard scores are normalized scores based on a nationally representative random sample of high school seniors tested in the spring of their graduating year.)

Now, using the chart here, http://www.emsc.nysed.gov/ged/colladmiss... , to convert from score to class rank, your ESTIMATED national class rank puts you in the top 10%. And that is very good!

Few colleges would exclude you from consideration based on these scores.
Don't know much about GED, but from the scores, it seems like you did overall above average on language arts. math seems to be below average, science (considering ppl usually flunk) should be average, social studies should definitely be above average.

as far as i'm concerned, from a college standpoint, GED, to begin with, is not okay (there may be exceptions).

my best advice to you, since you seem like a person who has the will to do better in the future, is to join a local community college to get the basic courses done. study real hard, and im sure you are going to do really well. once you acquire perfect or near perfect GPA from your community college, i'm sure many good universities will be willing to take you.

good luck.
Hey, I just got my scores too... your math and science are (only) slightly above average, but the others are really very good... getting an 800 is nearly impossible, or so I've heard. I got a 780 on the math, and I'm still in the 99th percentile, so being at 800 is at least the top third of the 99th, maybe higher. When it comes to college, it's really a crap shoot. Some schools will take the ged and sat/act at face, some will consider the ged to be "lower" and require a letter of recommendation... or they may not let you in at all. They may take your GPA prior to leaving HS into account, they may not (most likely they will, but poor grades won't sink you).

I, personally, am planning on going to community college for a couple of years. It is quite a bit cheaper than the cheapest state schools, and after a year or two, most schools won't care at all if you have a GED, they'll just look at your college GPA. It may not be for you, but it's an option.

All in all, very good scores. Congratulations.

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