What would my GPA be if...?

Question:My current GPA is 1.555

What would my GPA if over the next 2 years..
1st semester 1st yr: 6 A's
2nd semester 2nd yr: 6 A's
1st semester 1st yr: 6 A's
2nd semester 2nd yr: 6 A's

Idk how I would figure this out so could someone whos expeirences with this please help me so I know what the highest my GPA could be over the next 2 years is? Thanks much =]

I'd need to know a few things...

1. The actual grades for your courses for your 1.555 GPA. How many semsters/years is that GPA from?

2. How does your school calculate overall GPA? Do they do it by all the courses combined, or do they do an average of the GPA of each semester?

EDIT: What we would need to figure out your GPA would be what grades you got for each individual class for the first years that you got the 1.555 GPA. For example...

1st semester: C C D D D D
2nd semester: C C D D D D
3rd semester: C C D D D D
4th semester: C C D D D D
That would be an average GPA of 1.6

EDIT #2: Alright, let's try this again. :)

For future reference, the formula for figuring out your GPA is this. Give yourself a 4 for each A, a 3 for each B, a 2 for each C, and 1 for each D. There's also pluses and minuses to point if you get a + or - grade. Add the total together and divide it by the number of classes times 4, in your case 24. Then multiply it by a for your GPA. So...

total number/total classes * 4 = GPA

9th grade:
First Semester: D, E, C, E, C, A
1+0+2+0+2+4 = 9/24 = 0.375*4 = 1.5 GPA
Second Semester:C, D, C, C, B, A
2+1+2+2+3+4 = 14/24 = 0.5833*4 = 2.33 GPA
Overall GPA so far: 1.9166 GPA

10th grade:
First Semester: D, D, A, C, E, C
1+1+4+2+0+2= 10/24 = 0.4166*4 = 1.66 GPA
Overall GPA so far: 1.833 GPA
Second Semester: E, A, D, D+, E, D
0+4+1+1.33+0+1= 7.33/24 = 0.3055*4 = 1.22 GPA
Overall GPA so far: 1.68 GPA

10th grade yr 2:
First Semester: B, E, E, C, D, D+
3+0+0+2+1+1.33 = 7.33/24 = 0.3055*4 = 1.22 GPA
Overall GPA so far: 1.588 GPA
Second Semester: D+, B, E, D, D, D+
1.33+3+0+1+1+1.33 = 7.66/24 = 0.31944*4 = 1.277 GPA
Overall GPA so far: 1.555 GPA

So here comes your hypothetical grades...

11th Grade
First Semester: A A A A A A
4+4+4+4+4+4 = 24/24 = 1.0 * 4 = 4.0 GPA
Overall GPA so far: 1.88 GPA
Second Semester: A A A A A A
4+4+4+4+4+4 = 24/24 = 1.0 * 4 = 4.0 GPA
Overall GPA so far: 2.15 GPA

12th Grade
First Semester: A A A A A A
4+4+4+4+4+4 = 24/24 = 1.0 * 4 = 4.0 GPA
Overall GPA so far: 2.35 GPA
Second Semester: A A A A A A
4+4+4+4+4+4 = 24/24 = 1.0 * 4 = 4.0 GPA

Final Overall GPA: 2.52 GPA
Your question cannot be answered as stated. You did not indicate how many classes you took previously although you hint that you had two years of college.

Why are you so interested in a GPA? it will never be 4.0. It looks like you may have completed two years with two years to go that means that you GPA would be approximately 3 since you present is about 2 and your future intent is 4.0.

The questions are, however why is your present GPA so low and why do you think that you are able to be so perfect in the future. Sometimes when we set the bar too high we get disappointed and give up. Don't worry about an artificial GPA. Concentrate on doing the best that you can do.
I cannot understand how the first answerer calculated the nGPA.As can be seen from the next two answer there is no adeauate data for the purpose. I have the same difficulty.

Anyway wish you the best grade.
The most important thing is to try your best and apply yourself. Try and get involved in extracurricular activities, volunteer in your community, and list it all on your college app's, and write a good essay for your app's with help from an adviser. Just because you did bad in the beginning does not doom you. If you can show that you have changed and matured, it will take you far. Be a well rounded student and this will help. If need be you can take two years at a junior college and shine like a star and continue on to the University of your choice as a transfer student. Do not despair, and do not give up. You can succeed! You will succeed! Keep positive and you can achieve anything! Good luck
About a middle "C" average...you may not get into a university right out of high school, but there is nothing wrong with starting off in a junior/community college. I did and I had a low grade average going in (2.71). The good news is that they don't average your high school grades with your college grades: you get a fresh start. Do your best and good for you for wanting to improve your grades. Ask for help if you need it, and stay out of trouble.

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