What is a New York State Spotted Adder??

Question:Where are they found in NY State? Show me a picture.

Try the site I nominated in sources. The preview say something about it but I couldn't grasp good access near my computer. I am reasonably solid the problem is with my contrivance. It also looks like pictures are shown on the site. If adjectives else fails, do a Yahoo Search. Use the following go through string: "New York State Spotted Adder".

My brain. I basically got it re-booted. It's so bright
and shiny in a minute!>>>>O.K., I checked About.com, &
they did not have it. I later went to the American
Heritage Dictionary, and although they didn't given name
your snake specifically, they did say that one type
of adder lives contained by North America and another in Africa.

Maybe the New York snake go by another name.
I never hear of that one until today.

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