What kind of degree do you need for zoo keeping?

Question:I know the kind of classes i need to take and its better to go to a 4 year college and to volunteer at a zoo but what kind of degree do i need like Associates?or Bachelors?Masters?First Proffesional?

Existing zoos at the moment...
Zoos nowadays are looking for, at the very least, a high school diploma. And, with that, in combination, some post high school education whether it’s a two-year associate’s degree or a four-year bachelor’s level degree combined with some hands-on experience. And by that I mean some experience working with birds or animals. That could be working at a humane society or working for a farmer or a pet shop experience. But now, for new hires, we’re looking at a combination of post high school education and hands-on experience.

The educational requirements for an entry level zoo keeper varies but is often a college degree in zoology, biology or an animal-related field. Some animal care experience such as zoo volunteer or intern, or veterinary hospital worker is also helpful. Some colleges offer specific programs oriented towards a career in zoos. The Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville, Florida, for example, has a Teaching Zoo, while Moorpark College in California offers an Exotic Animal Training Management Program.
Be A veterinarian.
This site will tell you a great deal about the zookeeping profession: It is really important that you do volunteer work at a zoo while you are in school, to get a feel of what a zookeeper actually does. If you do not live in one of the larger cities you may not have a local zoo. In that case, volunteer at an animal shelter or humane society.

Many people think that being a zookeeper is the best job possible. You get to work with and care for amazing animals. What’s not to love? However, there are only so many zoos in the world, and only so many zookeeper jobs. These jobs can involve a lot more than a daily handshake with a friendly gorilla. They can involve understanding animal behavior, following specific rules for animal care, and lots and lots of cleaning up after them.

Since there are more would-be zookeepers than zookeeper jobs available, it’s important to start working toward getting your ideal zookeeper job as soon as possible.

At this site, you can enter information about yourself and your ambition and it says the appropriate colleges will contact you. If you are contacted by an online school, however, don't even think of enrolling. You need hands-on experience to prepare to be a zookeeper.

Some likely majors you could take to prepare to be a zookeeper include animal studies, biology (and take all the animal courses you can), and zoology.

This web site gives a very clear and comprehensive view of how you should prepare to be a zookeeper.

Why don't you phone a local zoo and ask for the zookeeper. Discuss what classes you will have to take as well as what kind of a degree you will need.
May God bless you.

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