What is the difference between cna 1 and cna 2?

C.N.A.1 is your regular c.n.a. who has the regular duties . C.N.A. 2 is a c.n.a. who is a mentor to new c.n.a.'s they also show and teach the new one how the facility wants and expects the job done.
one is easy the other (cna 2) hard
cna 1 doesn't have 2 like cna 2. and cna 2 doesn't have 1....am i right?
Alot of places work on a clinical ladder program. As you reach certain job standards and get more responsibility you can climb the ladder from 1 to 2 to 3 usually being the highest. There is also usually a pay difference in levels since job expectations are higher. Some places don't use this system at all, they have their own rating system.

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