"what does confidentiality be set to to you"?

Question:if asked in an interview what should i utter?

I would say confidntiality method that whatever is said or shown to me will stay next to me. I would not share the information with another co-worker or friend. Nor would I document that information anywhere.

It ability you can keep a illegal - even under pressure, also imply you are trustworthy

It manner you can keep a hidden - even under pressure, also imply you are trustworthy

it resources it is confidential and for no one to see...

No one needs to know my personal stuff.


Knowing trustworthy things are kept to yourself, or shared between you and your manager singular. Being able to distinguish between information that should be shared and not. Keeping sensitive information contained by a safe place.

It's like sworn to inscrutability, between you and i not to leave this room

Unfortunatly the answer is confidential

It scheme that if you tell me something, it won't be contained by the papers or on the Internet. It is the ability to keep hold of information out of the hands of those who don't want it.

To me it ability something that has be stripped from any human in a civilized society. It manner zero information in the region of exists without my wisdom, it means I can confide contained by someone knowing the ifo is safe

That you keep your mouth shut going on for whatever is said during that extent.

Protecting one's secret.

Confidentiality system that something is hidden or clandestine and no one else nows. Confidentiality is close to to protect you like a pin number to a credit card it's confidential no else know. If i told some something and I would say this is a confidential conversation it's between me and the personality and not to be told to no one else.

To me it means to enjoy the ability to be trusted, and human being able to preserve that trust. Not exactly being competent to keep a hidden, but just person trustworthy. It also means to be capable of believe in yourself, and not in recent times doing what you're told, acting like an loyal dog. That's what confidentiality means to me.

There are some things that are on a 'need to know' basis.
Personnel Records.
Client Information.
Financial Documents.

Things that shouldn't be discussed outside the bureau. And only beside people who NEED to know contained by the office.

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