What does TWT mean ? as in " .75 TWT Diamond "?


Total Weight. Usually written as TCWT Total Carat Weight. It is the total carat weight of ALL the diamonds in the piece together.

You may have a ring with a large diamond in the center surrounded by smaller diamonds. While the diamond in the center may weigh .5 carats the TWT is the total of all the diamonds in the piece.
total weight. It usually refers to a piece of jewelry with several diamonds totalling 75 points - or 3/4 of a carat.
It is probably "total carat weight".
When speaking of a diamond, weighing less than 1 carat, it is possible to describe it's weight in "points".

In 1 carat weight of diamond you have 100 points of weight.
0.75 means that the diamond has a weight of 75 points or 0.75 carat which is exactly the same.

If you would like to see examples, take a look at:

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