Am I considered genius with a 142 IQ?

Question:Hey. I just took the "Tickle" IQ Test and scored 142. I know that is pretty high and considered really good but how many percent of the population is as smart as me(according to this standardized test)? It did not say and I could not find it. Or does anyone know figures (such as 1 in 200 are that smart or etc...)

The Tickle tests are cute, but not very scientific, unfortunately. If you want a good measure of your IQ, go for a standardized test such as you'd get at a university. You can also take an IQ test at your local Mensa group's testing session. If you score in the top two percentile, you're at least smarter than 98 percent of the population, and you're eligible for membership ;-)
wait, you want to know if you're a genius, and you dont know the answer to this question?
mine was 144, it said we are smarter than 98% of the population. genius status is 150
kudos to you
High normal...mine is 167 my son was 172 at age 11 :-D
mine was 150
IQ tests doesnt prove anything..
I honestly woudn't completely trust these online IQ tests. They might not be accurate, and more often than not are just scams trying to live off of donations sent to their "compnay". However, if your IQ really is 142, while you're not officially a genius, you're highly intelligent.

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