Is a 3.03 GPA good?

Question:Is it good? And what, about, is it equivalent to grade wise, i.e. B, B-.....?

It's about a B average. 4 is A, 3 is B, 2 is C, 1 is D

It is a good GPA. I would recommend trying to get it up past 3.5 for scholarships and colleges. Good luck!
quit bragging
It's pretty good. I'm not sure what it is equivalent to. 10 years from now it won't matter, your character, personality and work ethic will matter so much more. So don't worry too much about it. :)
i think it is... seems like you could do a little better but if you don't want to then i'l let it slide for now.

good luck!
B is good... A would be better... a 3.3 is a B...
Its good around a B, B+
Good job
i think it's good.
not for me
3.03 GPA is about a B. 3.33 B+ 3.66 = A- and 4.00 is A.

Will it depends how you look at it and whether or not if it's high school or college. It has more weight in college, but in high school you ideally want to do better than that. Because let's face it, high school is easy and A's are almost handouts.

In college, a 3.03 GPA is pretty good, but you won't graduate with any honors unless you reach 3.4+. So it's good but it's not superstar good. Of course, your GPA will fluctuate if you're still in school and are attending classes.
That's a good GPA and if your in high school you have good chances of gaining scholarships for college....
this is actually a very good grade, and it is equivalent to an 80 or 81(B-). However, if you wish to apply to a program like med or law school, i suggest you bring your g.p.a. up because those programs are very competative and difficult to get accepted to if you don't have a high G.P.A.
Yes, it is defined as good, but in the real world unless it is a 3.5 or higher it dosn't really mean much. My GPA is about 3.1 and I am trying to get into graduate school; trust me, it is not very easy these days. Even State univeristies, want somewhere around 3.5. 3.0 is enough to apply at most places, but not enough to actually get in.

If you want to go beyond a 4 year degree, just put a bit more energy into it. Otherwise its OK for most things.
In most areas it is considered on the honor roll. It is a B- average.

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