renewal passport within embassy of japan contained by the philippines?

Question:the child of japanese was study within the Philippines cause her mother is Pilipina .The child is Japanese Passport , they can renew her passport to the Embassy of Japan surrounded by the Philippines? And what is the requirements for renewal passport? Please give me the concept for the passport renewal . thanks!

yes, they can renew the passpor at the Japan Embassy at the Philippines.

previous passport & copy of it, Identification Cards, School Credentials.. If the child is underage, the monther should shepherd her.
Some countries require the citizen of the countries, who are on vacation, studying, working, after some designated months which is specified within their visas to return to their country, so they can be accounted for, and reapply for another visa after some months, if they wish to return to the country they previously visit. But for passports, I believe, the embassies, namely the consuls can renew passports of their citizens. For safer and better assistance, go straight to the japanese embassy and produce your personal inquiries there. Beware of fixers. They fix and drain your tricky earned resources.



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