Does a Private School REALLY make a huge difference?

Question:NOt talking about a Prepatory School.. BUt a standard Catholic High School Vs. The Public Schools. Billions are invested in our public schools, and if you make the right choices you will meet amazing teachers and get a superb edu. Also, you don't learn as much about life itself in a private school, as you do in a public school. I'd love to Read YOur Opinions.

i have been to both...

i believe if you take advantage of public school you can have the same education as a private school. as you stated the bonus with public school is the life experiences you will learn. education is one thing, but once you are out of college you depend on the life experiences you learned.
Not necessarily.

Some private schools, like catholic schools, are good schools and can go in more depth about subjects than public schools.

In other cases, private schools could rely on being called "private" to make money.
Also, some or most public school's students get more for their money.

If you are talking about getting into colleges, it does give you a extra something to put you on the map.
Yes, private schools have always been better than public...
That depends on the amount you pay to get in.
not all the time, but sometimes yes

i think it would be the student
the student makes the decisions
for example:

to study and not to study

to go to sleep early and wake up early

sometimes my teacher went to a private school and she said it changed her life but for some kids it didn't
There is a difference in class sizes that can make a difference according to how willing to tlearn the pupil is. Basically, if you're smart, you'll do better at a private school - if you're not, don't bother and don't waste the money as it's not worth it.
There is a difference in education when it comes to both systems. Although public school can give a good education, private gives a higher level of education. And the fact that it opens a greater gateway to universities of choice. i must say though, private school can take a toll on the student, they have very high expectations of their students.
I truly believe that it does make a HUGE difference. I have 3 kids and cannot afford private school but I wish I could. For starters, they would never ever tolerate the crap that goes on in public schools. I have a son in middle school and a daughter in high school and a daughter that is 22 and graduated from a public school. I have been through the gamut with these schools and teachers. It makes me sick. There is a focus on learning in private schools that the public schools do not have. They are taught self discipline and respect and do not tolerate any kind of gang, racist, bullying crap. If I had the money I would not hesitate. With all of my kids, and all the teachers they have had I can only think of ONE that I would call a good teacher. And the kids in private school do learn about life. Its not as sheltered as you may think. I used to think that also but it is wrong. They say that 10k is invested in each child going to a public school. I think they should give us the 10k up front and let us decide what kind of education our children get. The public school teachers get lazy and soon as they get tenure and basically they cannot be touched. Sorry to ramble about his but I feel so passionately about it. If you are in doubt go take a tour of both schools. Look at test grades, sit in on a class, then you will know for sure.
While I know you can find amazing teachers in public schools, a lot of it depends on your local public schools. For instance, where I live the public schools have been under academic emergency for at least the last 5 years, at one point, they were taken over by the state. There is no way in good conscience that I could send either of my children to them. Believe me I have already given the all the chances I'm going to. My son attend public school from K - 3rd grade, there was one teacher who fits the aw some label, but three who fit the did not give a damn label. Since transferring to Catholic school 2 years ago, his test scores, reading level, and happiness have all gone up immensely. I plan to put my daughter right there with him when she starts kindergarten next year.
Of course it does!!!!!! Because you won't doze off on girls you like and you'll pay attention more!!!!111
How do you not learn "as much about life itself in a Catholic school?" I went to Catholic school and taught in one for 6 years. What? You think we're isolated or something? You think there aren't drugs and pregnant, unwed kids in a Catholic school?

Do you believe the myth that Catholic schools put out unruly kids? In my 8 years teaching in two of them, I know of one kid who was expelled, after a lot of work trying to help her. She attacked another classmate and her him because she had mental problems

. But see, that's they point. In the Catholic schools I have been in, students who attack other students, let alone teachers, are put out. Public schools don't. I may have taught 15-year-olds in 8th grade in Catholic Schools, but everyone of those 8th graders could read on grade level.

I taught for 7 years in a public school. You are right that you can in public schools meet amazing teachers and get a superb education there, but those who are not interested in either teaching amazingly or getting a superb education--or even a minimal one--stop those students from getting what they deserve and stop the good teachers from teaching.

I know because after 7 years of doing everything but teaching, I ran for my life. I'd never work in a public school again without some guarantees. And I wouldn't send a dog to a public school in the city that I taught in.
Private school is a good experience for those who choose to go to one. If they don't, well, it really doesn't impact their life in any bad or good way.

It all depends on the person, the school, and how you take advantage of the things that are put in your path.

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