Are newspapers underlined or put in quotation marks?

Question:Can you italicize it?

You can correctly either underline or italicize the name of the newspaper when you are citing it. The title of an article in the paper that you're citing would be in quotation marks.
I have noticed newspapers or mags "italicized" in a bibliography. If not available, at least underline it to show the periodical is not a book.
If you asking about citations, the following may shed some light on that. As shown below, the article is quoted and the publication title [IE New York Times] is underlined.

In short,
"References to periodical articles must include the following elements:

* author(s)
* article title
* publication title (journal, magazine, etc.)
* volume number
* publication date (abbreviate months, if used)
* the inclusive page numbers

"Newspaper article, author:"
[author]Wingfield, Nick.
[article name]"Unraveling the Mysteries Inside Web Shoppers Minds."
[publication title][u]Wall Street Journal 18[/u]
[pub. date]June 1998,
[edition used aka volume used]East. ed.:

Ending up as:
Newspaper article, one author, discontinuous pages:
Wingfield, Nick. "Unraveling the Mysteries Inside Web Shoppers Minds." Wall Street Journal 18 June 1998, East. ed.: B6+.
It depends where the name of the paper is appearing. Normally, the name would be capitalized headline style and italicized (per the Chicago Manual of Style), but in a newspaper using Associated Press style, the name would just be capitalized headline style. Hope this helps.

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