Explain the difference between intra-cultural, intercultural and cross cultural communication??

Intra-cultural communication refers to the process of communication by and within a certain demographic. For instance, a scholar in this field would be quite interested in the communicative abilities of individuals in certain groups to effective convey messages to others in the same group. Much of the academic research in this field focuses on the way that age, gender, socioeconomic status, education, etc. can actually alter the ability of individuals to communicate. Social context is also of particular interest in this field of study.

Intercultural communication is actually the same as cross cultural communication. This field of study focuses on the way that people or groups from different demographic backgrounds perceive and transmit messages in the communication process. Scholars in this field would focus on such issues as differential vernacular, social context, historical contextuality, etc. An example of intercultural communication would be a study that examines the way a predominantly African American organization is able to communicate with a largely Caucasian audience.

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