Where can I get kumon worksheets (without joining kumon center)?

Question:I am looking to get kumon worksheets (in sequence) for my kids. Where could I get it. I know there are multiple sites available who give worksheets but kumon worksheet follow an order (The order of moving to next level after another). That's the only reason I am interested in kumon worksheets. There are some initial stage workbooks but not after subtractions (in math). Is joining kumon the only way to get those worksheets?

Kumon is a set of services. Granted, the meat of it is the worksheets. However part of that is your determination to make the kid do the work, and by paying $100/month per subject you are given that determination (dammit, you're doing this because I paid for it!!) and checking in to the Kumon school every week forces YOU to adhere to their schedule. I'm saying "you" as the parent because you're the one who's under pressure, and you have to place that pressure on the child in their own way because it's not their money being spent. (Major rewards have worked for us.) Another "service" is their regular testing and evaluation. My oldest child is in Kumon, but not my younger three. The reason is that my oldest is blazing the trail and after two years of sweating through it week in and week out it has taught us the method that works (and it works extremely well). However if I were to put the other three in they would get the exact same worksheets. I am occasionally in disagreement with their evaluations, which I feel wasted about 6 months due to making her start on unusually low levels in math. Instead I get worksheets of the net or make them myself. There is one particularly good site called worksheetworks.com that lets me make unlimited worksheets the way I want them. I have been using it for a while to match the levels that Kumon gave the first kid, except I skipped over the stuff that I know she already knows. As a result the second kid is about a year ahead of where the first kid was at the time (in math). On the reading side of things, I don't know what to tell you. I've had to make my own because the site doesn't have anything like that (yet). You will probably not find anyone willing to give you the worksheets (and if they do they're going to have marks all over them, because the Kumon employees mark them up with stamps and pen marks to ensure they can't be used twice). There is a Kumon website in the Philippines that shows examples of all of the math levels. Perhaps you could get an idea of what's in there, then use the worksheetworks.com site to make them for you. Or, you could just bite the bullet and shell out the $$$ to get into the program. It's really not that expensive considering that the program brings kids who are way behind up to average and kids that are average way ahead.

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