What gcse grades do you need to become a hairdresser?

At my local college, no qualifications are needed as it is not an acedemic profession so GCSE's aren't needed. But, if you dont like hairdressing after a while or want a change in career paths make sure you have at least 5 GCSE's including Maths and English as a back up plan.
Not many,

my advice is get work experience and then apply for a saturday job at hairdresser's. then move ur way up to full time hair dresser with eventually ur own shop
none anyone can do it, you just need to get a job doing it part time first or go to college
It depends whether you want to work in a small salon in the local area or work at top salons, cruises, set up your own business etc.

If you want to be a great hairdresser, you will need English, Maths and Science - chemistry would be very useful. Go on and do A Levels and then apply to the good training schools - Vidal Sasoon, Molten Brown - there are other really good ones all over the country so do your homework. The good ones will insist on good qualificatons and you will start in their classrooms working on models - you will not be able to touch a human head for a good few months. The entire course will last over 4 years but is well worth it!

Very few salons that will take a kid straight out of school at 16 will give a good training and you will end up having to do more and more courses all the time.

If you really want this, aim high and you will get more benefits.
Im not being nasty, but unless your really good at hairdressing, please set your aims higher. hairdressers dont usually get good pay, but if your happy about your choice go for it. :)
Look for a Collage Course and see the requirements it needs

Heres what you need for a hairdressing course at a Collage in northampton , Some needed 4 GCSEs .
"No formal entry qualifications are necessary. You must have a positive attitude, well-groomed appearance and an ability to communicate."

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