I can't comprehend anything that I read!?

i do horribly on tests and exams because i freshly cant remember anything i read. i dont have a desperate memory, i remember other things. Its just reading that get me. I've been failing seriously of tests because i of late dont know the answers. Its not that i dont study enough because i do! Does anyone know what i can do to facilitate with this problem?

Answers:    you lately may not be a visual learner try reading noticeably if that does not help try tapeing your self reading than play it hindmost. some people newly can only swot from hearing the words audibly.
This used to be taught surrounded by schools when I be a boy. The secret is reading for pleasure as plentiful books as you can where the plot unfold slowly and you have to follow the clues. If you don't remember, you don't seize the point of the book! So read, read, read, that is the answer.

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