When is 12:00AM? Midnight or noontime?


You're kidding right?

I bet you can't enlighten time on an analog clock neither.
midnight. Midnight.


Midnight!!!!!!!!! Noon is 12PM!

midnight 24:00



Yeah it's midnight

it's midnight 12pm is the middle of the day

That is midnight.


There's no 12:00am. 12:00's get to be noon or midnight.

12:01am is a minute after 12:00 midnight and 2 minutes after 11:59pm 12:01pm is a minute after 12:00 midday and 2 minutes after 11:59am. its midnite

12:00am is midnight.

definitely midnight...because it is on the middle of the darkness, that is why, it have been shortcutd to MIDNIGHT...

Midnight. 12:00 noon is 12pm

Midnight!!...Noon is 12.p.m....
R u serious??...
U actually do not know??...
Just kid...

-KarinQ- Midnight, i think!
i thought midnight would enjoy been 24:00 or 00:00.
but for 12hr clocks 12am is midnight and 12 pm is the middle of the day. Midnight

00:00 is 12:00am and 12:00 is 12:00pm get it

doh doh doh doh doh doh midnight

I don't use 12am or 12pm - I can't get my director around it.
Midnight or Midday works just fine. Its midnight!
n hey gratefulness 4 the points..


Midnight as well you know.

So there is no mistake contained by time, the government and military operate on a 24 hour clock. 0 hour mortal midnight 12 pm.or 2400 hour. 1 am is 0100, 2am is 0200, 3 am is 0300, 4am is 0400, 5am is 0500, 6am is 0600, 7am is 0700, 8am is 0800, 9am is 0900, 10am is 01000, 11am is 01100, 12am is 01200, 1pm is 1300, 2pm is 1400, 3pm is 1500, 4pm is 1600, 5pm is 1700, 6pm is 1800, 7pm is 1900, 8pm is 2000, 9pm is 2100, 10pm is 2200, 11pm is 2300, 12pm is 2400, or 0 hour. This time is said as 0 one hundred being 1 am and so forth. 12 am would be said as 012 hundred. 12am or 012 hundred is twelve noon.


12AM (ante meridian) (midnight),12pm (post meridian) afternoon

This is mid hours of darkness, as 12.00pm is post meridian which is afternoon.

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