When writing a letter and you type p.s. where do you put it? Before your Sincerely, or after?


Dear Yahoo:

I am enclosing some important items for you to complete.

P.S. I have enclosed a return envelope for your convenience.

Ms. V

ps goes after your signature
You put "p.s" after your sign-off. This is because it stands for post script; it comes after your letter.
PS stands for post script. It is a thought that occured to you after completing your original letter. Thus, it goes at the very end of your letter after the signature.

Dear Yahoo:
I am enclosing some important items for you to complete. I am including an addressed return envelope for your convenience.
Your name

PS. I would really appreciate it if you could return it by the end of next week.
Post script notes are added after the letter is written, and letters are deemed complete after the signature is placed. If the note is added prior to the completion of the letter, then there is no need for a post script because the note may be added to the main body of the letter.

Your example letter would be correct if you just deleted the "P.S."
after the sincerely

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