Homemade Deer Food???

Question:i have deer surrounded by my area and backyard sometimes, i approaching to take pictures of them, is nearby a homemade deer food or lure to attract them? i don't want to hurt them i like to transport photos is all. i'd appropriate any answers thank you!

Try a bucket of corn, and/or a "salt lick."

A brackish lick is a salt deposit that animals regularly lick. In an ecosystem, salt/mineral lick sometimes occur inherently, providing the calcium, iron, phosphorus and zinc required in the springtime for bone, muscle and other growth within deer and other wildlife. Harsh weather exposes salty mineral deposits that draw animals from miles away for a zest of needed nutrients.

People use salt lick to attract or maintain wildlife, whether it be for viewing, photography or hunting purposes. Many companies presently produce salt that includes adjectives the trace minerals and is fairly inexpensive. It comes surrounded by either bag or block form.

The most common method for using bag salt is as follows:

Locate an nouns near a sea source, food plot, game trail or an out-of-date stump.
Make sure the area is devoid of flora and debris. Using a shovel, bring in a small depression roughly four to six feet within diameter.
Spread approximately 25 to 50 pounds of salt/mineral mix on the ground and mix in a small amount of the removed soil. The stump location is just right because it resembles a naturally formed salt/mineral lick.
For brackish blocks, the usual method is to follow the first two steps above, dig an 18" to 20" hole surrounded by the middle, drop the block in and cover it next to soil.

After several good rain, the mineralized salt dissolves into the surrounding soil. Wildlife find the salt/mineral and commence licking and eating the soil. An artificial saline lick usually lasts from 6 months - 1 year.

Salt blocks are also used by farmers for domesticated animals.

Shelled pen corn and sweet apples should work. Black oil sunflower kernel attracts deer fairly in good health. also, a salt block or rock brackish dumped on the ground will also be attractive to deer.

Shelled area corn and sweet apples should work. Black oil sunflower nut attracts deer fairly economically. also, a salt block or rock brackish dumped on the ground will also be attractive to deer.

they resembling apples a lot

Make the corn shelled corn.

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