What does commuting student mean?

Question:just to know exactly becuz i am confused

A commuting student is one that usually travels to get to school every day. Whether it being by car, bus or whatever means of transportation. Those students usually live off campus, either with their parents or a little ways away from school.
That is one who lives at home rather than the college dorm.
A commuting student is a student that commutes to their college...they live out of town, way off-campus, etc. and they drive to the college.
That would be a student who Walks, Drives< takes a Bus Or cycles to school.
The other students stay on campus in dorms or sorority, or frat houses.
commuting means walking
maybe it means busy
student who doesnt own a private vehicle or no school bus available.
but rather uses a public mode of transfortation on a daily basis.

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