On my sat's on got a 420 on my critical reading, math 370, writing 420 sub scores 6 &45. Is that bad?

Average (Mean) Scores
SAT Reasoning Test: The Average (Mean) Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing Scores
Average scores are based upon the most recent SAT scores of all students of a particular graduating class.

2006 College-Bound Seniors' Average Scores
Critical reading: 503
Mathematics: 518
Writing: 497
SAT Subject Tests: The Average (Mean) Subject Test Score
The average score varies from test to test. This is because different groups of students take different tests. For this reason, you shouldn't compare scores across the different Subject Tests. You can compare your scores to the average Subject Test scores for 2006 College-bound Seniors:

Writing: 620*
Literature: 583
History and Social Sciences
United States History: 601
World History: 585
Mathematics Level 1: 593
Mathematics Level 2: 644
Biology - Ecological: 591
Biology - Molecular: 630
Chemistry: 629
Physics: 643
Language Tests
Chinese with Listening: 764
French: 612
French with Listening: 621
German: 610
German with Listening:596
Modern Hebrew: 628
Italian: 654
Japanese with Listening: 682
Korean with Listening: 754
Latin: 613
Spanish: 634
Spanish with Listening: 638
* The Subject Test in Writing was last administered in January 2005.
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