What is another way to say "in conclusion" when writing a paper?

In summation.
there for
overall ....
Taking a look back
To finish with..
this is the end.
you really shouldnt state that you are concluding your paper, but just conclude it. If you just conclude it well enough they will understand it is a conclusion.
Better to not write any phrases along those lines. Just state the conclusion, without saying "in conclusion".
in summary,

but there's nothing wrong with using "in conclusion"
In summary..., or
To conclude..., or
To summarise..., or
Wrapping up..
well to sum it all up
it pretty much says that same thing
I dont think its a good idea to say in conclusion or summary or anything. Our teachers yell at us for that... im in the 10th grade... so dont say in conclusion..... :)
In short,

To sum it all up,


In the end,
in ending
To conclude, I wish to summarize the points I have made here today.
1) to reiterate
2) in summation
3) to recap
4) to summarize
5) in closing

Hope that helps!
actually, i was taught in school that you should never say anything to the effect of 'in conclusion' or 'therefore' if you are using this to write the concluding paragraph of a paper. you should just restate your thesis statement and basically reiterate your introduction.
but to answer your question: 'in summary', 'therefore', 'hence'
In summary -
all in all
all together
in closing
in short
given these facts
to conclude
summing up
in summary
to summarize
in retrospect
in the end

You dont always have to use these words though. If you already wrote your introduction paragraph just change the words a little and make this your conclusion. Make sure it is a strong ending as if to enforce the point you are trying to make!!
Good Luck and Have Fun jk



(but only if you've proved something)

And so,...

To make a long story short...

What it all boils down to is...

In sum,...

To summarize,
Having considered the above,
With these things in mind, we can now...
Having come to the end of our discussion,
We now realize that...
It is now clear that...
Now that that's over... (lol. Just kidding!)
Don't insult your reader! To use these words is to imply that your reader is too dumb to realize that you are almost done.

Your conclusion paragraph should begin with a restatement of your thesis (which should have been your last sentence in the opening paragraph - telling exactly what your paper is about).

Remember what Nike taught us all in its commercials - JUST DO IT.
in summation.
"in summary" "to summarize"

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