Do you construe that school surrounded by America (USA) should be skilled surrounded by more than one terms?

Question:In southern California some schools are skilled in spanish and english.

yes, i contemplate that there should be more than 1 terms in elementary and middle school. Some schools do donate it but at a very small go up. i think it should be mandatory.
Yes, it will back students learn give or take a few different cultures. I think the students should grasp to pick what language they want to swot up. Yes it might be a little informative later contained by life

I think second talking courses should be offered but all other classes should be English!

that would be good to be bilingual...

NO!!! Bilingual ed is wrong for everyone.

NO.....................English is the crucial lang.....................take a second dialogue as an ELECTIVE.

I don't ponder that schools should be qualified in any subject. However, I do reflect on that students should be taught to speak, read and write at lowest possible one other language

No, our language is english.

They sould teach surrounded by several languages not with the sole purpose one

Unless you are surrounded by highschool, and have to choose one for credit.. later no.

All Schools Should Be Taught More Then One Language

Well, in my conservatory, we have the opportunity to cram French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and for some people, english. So they should instruct it more.

What right does that do? Why bow down to the spanish language. People speak English within this country and therefore school should teach English with the sole purpose. Why learn Spanish? It is not the broad language of business similar to English is. When these spics move to other areas of the country, they will not be able to achieve good job etc. because they do not know good English.

That's due to the population of California. I think it is tremendously important to originate learning a second vernacular, for example for a year or two in lofty school. Then it requirements to be a person's choice here in the US if they want to pursue vernacular further. It isn't a necessity for many of us here.

No, our school requirements to be taught within English only.

I hold nothing against ESOL or other remedial classes qualified in as various language as mandatory, but the whole purpose should be so that the students can swot English well adequate in instruct to integrate themselves into regularly taught classes within English.

English is the language of the topography. All visitors should respect the culture of the inhabitants who established this country and integrate, if they wish to live here.

Based on personal experience, research English is not THAT difficult when one put their mind to it, especially when student is pre-adult age.

By the way, are you conversation about foreign writing as a second language, or complete class taught surrounded by multiple languages? I'm adjectives for people research second or third languages... No. There's considerable evidence that bilingual teaching doesn't work. But I do think that other language should be taught starting contained by first grade.


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