Is Art Instruction Schools scam?

During the summer I called up to Art Instruction Schools' 1-800 number that they show on that camercial on TV sometimes, and I recieved the tryout. I sent the test and a month following I get the check back beside a score: 98. The memorandum attached said that a representative will call and will interview me sometime contained by the future. About three months after that a guy name Donald Hall called and said that he will be come and interview me within a few days. Two days later he comes, I enjoy some of my precious artwork ready for him to see on the table. I be warned over the phone that if he wouldn't similar to it, (he's trained) he'd just resign from almost as soon as he came. but the guy like it and stayed. Mr. Hall showed me an ID which 'prooves' he's a NYDOE Agent that represents Art Instruction Schools (which is all the method in Minneapolis). Anyway he made me an give to take the program and do work at home and dispatch it to them and i took it.

Next day, some students and teacher tell me it's scam...

Answers:    take heed

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