Question:I need to stay up all day and all night until about 5 pm tomorrow. I must study all night for this test that I'm taking tomorrow at 3pm.

Are there any foods, pills, or any other thing that I can take to keep me awake for several hours? Please help, I'm desperate, because I need to get this stuff done!

Statistics show that students who get less sleep absorb less information and do worst on exams. Get the basics of your studying and take a nap and then do more. While you sleep your brain will save and understand what you just learnt.

If you are indeed, that desparate, try caffiene, fruit juice, sugar, and make sure to keep yourself hungry. You'll be on your toes. Just keep your blood sugar levels up and your stomach empty. Making sure that all of these things are cold helps too.
You're going to do worse on the test by staying up.

The best drugs to keep you up aren't the easily accessible ones...

Honestly, study as hard as you can, get a good night's sleep, study some more, and then do the best you can. Grades aren't worth killing yourself over.
Drink Tea but don`t take it too much
First, you need to know that if you do stay up all night and through the day tomorrow, you'll likely do more poorly on your test than if you got 4-5 hours of sleep. (

So, I'd recommend studying as hard as you can from now until about midnight. Get 4 or 5 hours of sleep. Then, get up and keep studying until your exam.

You could use something like a caffeinated beverage (assuming that you don't have any medical problems like heart, liver, kidney or digestive issues) to keep you awake until midnight. Don't drink too much though or you won't be able to sleep! Stop drinking caffeine around 7 pm.

Save most of your caffeine drinking for TOMORROW. Start with a cup of coffee and a good breakfast (include eggs and protein for a brain boost, but don't overeat). Then, have some caffeine IMMEDIATELY before your exam (with sugar in it, if you can). Make sure you eat lunch tomorrow, too (although keep it light), so you'll have plenty of energy. And, take a shower before your exam to wake your mind and body back up!

Stop surfing the web, too, so you can get the studying done. Make sure you're not just "putting in the time." If you're not focusing, reviewing and repeating, you're probably not learning! You need to break for 5-10 minutes every hour. But, don't keep surfing and "thinking." Just relax and do something refreshing (draw something, take a shower, etc.)

Steer clear of energy drinks, no-doze and other pills which can actually make it harder to concentrate - no joke!
you can use a pin, imagination and determination.

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