What are chalk and chalk boards made of? (The green Chalkboards)?

Chalkboards are made of slate

Chalk is a form of limestone.

The chalk used on chalkboards is gypsum. Dinosaur bones and green food coloring chalk is made out of fossils remains and chalkboards are a kind of paint that you paint them so that they can be written on A very flat rock called Slate. Its also used in pool tables. Well, I don't know what exactly they're made of But, if you're trying to make one you can go to the hardware store and buy chalkboard paint green or black). It's paint that can turn surfaces into a chalkboard. I have a chalkboard wall in my basement, when we have kids over, they decorate it!

Good luck! A chalkboard or blackboard is a reusable writing surface on which text or drawings are made with chalk or other erasable markers. Chalkboards were originally made of smooth, thin sheets of black or dark grey slate stone.

A chalkboard can simply be a piece of board painted with matte dark paint usually dark green or black. It is usually dark green as this is less harsh on the eyes than black. they made from slate. unless you mean the roller style.they are made from a stiff fabric then coated so you can chalk on them.they are black .or green.slate chalk boards .slate is mined usually from opencast mines.comes in varius colours.green .black.natural grey.it is then cut into flat pieces.also used in roofing

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