do moose eyes glow in the dark?

no, you see the reflection of light in their eyes.
nope iunno. idk try turning the lights off and looking in the mirror All eyes glow in the dark.When hit directly by light. no..the one u see was caused by the reflection of light..what i've heard that the eyes of the tiger that glows in the dark. my grandfahter had saw it. only mooses that are evil DUH!! No, but they can reflect light quite well-making them look like they glow.KECK Ever mammal eyes will return a different color depending on the number of rods and cones. These are the parts of the eye that reflect light depending on how many of each will refect what color.

Some studies have suggested that the light reflected by the eyes can determine to what degree the animal can see in color vision.

Most animals whose eyes return a red glow can see very good in color such as humans, the "red eye" and deer as well as alligators. Other animals return green colors such as in the feline species or most of them. if you're way up north in the summer-time, there ISN'T much 'dark', so a 'better' question would be 'do cow patties
smell in the winter?'. I never heard of the of a mammal that eyes glow in the dark. Have you? I'm not saying its not I just never heard of that before tell me if you do.



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