Whats an 85 converted into GPA?

Answers:    It depends entirely on what 85 is referenced to. Do you mean 85%? or do you be going to 85 out of 90?

And what is the Grade Point Average scale? Most school use a 4.0 scale, while some use a 5.0 to include honors and AP classes. Recently I hear about a Florida college that uses a 9.0 scale.

For simplicity sake I'll suggestion the 4.0 scale: "A" = 4.0, "B" = 3.0, "C" = 2.0, "D" = 1.0, and "F" = 0.0

If the 85 is an 85%, and your college grades straight percentage, such that a "B" is 80 to 89%, and an "A" is 90 to 100%, then an 85% is a "B"

that equals a GPA of 3.0

If the 85 is contained by reference to different grades, such as averaging two test -- one "A" and one "B" --

so an 85 is a GPA of 3.5

Finally, the straight math approach would be multiplying 4.0 times 85%. The equation looks like:

(.85) (4.0) = 3.4

Again, it adjectives depends on the grade break down, the GPA degree, and whether 85 is a percentage of correct answers or the final score, since 85/85 = 100% = "A" = 4.0
85 = 3.4 GPA

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