please define Professional conduct?How does it apply to a child care center.?

Question:about child care

It refers to acting appropriately at work.You act like your responsible and you are there to do your job.
Examples, you DONT take personal phone calls, smoke around the kids, Yell at children, gossip with parents, talk bad about the children, dress sloppy, Not do your duties.
Professional Conduct is professional conduct no matter what the job. The idea is to act professionally... not like this is just a paycheck, but it is your calling, your ideal profession, your reason for being. In child care, this would mean:
1) dressing modestly and professionally. You don't have to look like Mary Poppins, but you shouldn't dress with short-shorts, tiny camisoles, lots of make-up, etc. No belly buttons should show, no cleavage, etc. Remember, you are there to care for children, not cruise for a date.
2) The way you talk. Remember to keep all the cuss words out. Remember to keep the language proper. Don't say "ain't", "gonna", "sho-nuff", etc.
3) When you are assigned a job, do it. Do it right away, and do it to the best of your ability. If they tell you to set up for finger-painting time. Don't put it off until you feel like it. Do it right away, remember all the supplies, and do it consistently.
4) Do not talk to other staff people or other parents about the children or the other families. No one wants you to be saying, "Did you see that shiner on Mrs. Smith today? Her husband likes to play rough." No one will continue to let you care for their kids if they hear you say, "That Billy Jones is a little brat, I can't stand him."
5) Don't believe everything the kids tell you about their parents, and don't spread it around.
6) Go to every seminar and workshop you can to learn more. Don't think of it as baby-sitting... think of it as molding young people. Join the unions if there are any, or join the professional organizations for child care workers.

Remember: a doctor is a professional, a lawyer is a professional... and child care workers can be professionals too if they chose to be and act the part! Professional Conduct is the moral and social manner in which an employee of the child care center conducts himself/herself. You wouldn't want someone who is unethical, perverted, uneducated, etc. coming in contact with your child, would you? Professional conduct means the way you present yourself at work. In a preschool setting, this means that you handle the children in a way that is respectful and appropriate, you present yourself as a professional when talking with parents, you protect your students' rights to confidentiality, and you conduct yourself appropriately when dealing with other staff and superiors. NAEYC is the national professional organization for those in the field of early childhood education. It details a professional code of conduct. It also offers a special accreditation to the very few top notch child cares around the nation. For more info, try their website

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